Bangladesh Promotion Tools Product


The main objective of the company is to adopt new concept and strategy to facilitate marketing, sales consumption of the new line of products. The company produces and imports variety of promotional products and following are the major items of its product line:




Woody Products

Woody products are one of the best and authentic media of advertising and promotion of the product. The company uses its expertise in producing different woody products and has earned a good name in the local and international market. The main woody promotional products are visiting card holder, key ring stand, slip paper box, paper weight, key ring, pen holder, hanger, table clock, wooden gift box, jewelry box, wall mat, banana hanger, flower vase and other showpiece items.


Leather Products

 Leather products are important media of advertising and promotion of the products. The main leather promotional products are conference bag, Travel bag, video cloth bag, wallets, executive bags, doctor’s tools bag, coat wallet, visiting card holder, passport holder, key bag, leather folder, office file bag, spectacle cover, executive diary cover, note book cover, money bag, ladies’ purse, etc.


Acrylic and Plastic Products

The company produces different colorful promotional plastic and acrylic  items to facilitate the marketing of the products which includes all kinds of display box, plastic space measurement works, slip box, card holder, paper weight, key ring, pen holder, hanger, tongue depressor, opener, container, mug & glasses, wall clock, etc. The company can also produce any plastic product as per the requirement of the client and also provides new ideas to design and select the promotional items which best matches the marketing of the product.


Stationary Items

Stapler, pin, pen, pencil, eraser, cutter, punch machine, marker, highlighter, scissors, scale, office file, clip file, box file, James clip, etc stationary items are supplied by us.


Household Uses Products

Bangladesh Promotion Tools supplies many household uses items, local and foreign, such as cup plate set, diner set, phirni bati, kitchen apron, table cloth, glass set, carry set, tea tray, mug, flax set etc.

Cosmetics Products:

Bangladesh Promotion Tools supply many common uses cosmetics  products such as body spray, body lotion, face wash, Beauty Bar, Paste,  ator, air freshener, cold cream, shaving cream and lotion, hand wash, soap (both local and international brands).


Artificial Leather & Canvas Products

 The major products of artificial leather & canvas products are conference and seminar bag, travel bag, office bag, school bag, kids’ bag, etc.


Metal Brass Products

As part of its promotional campaign the company produces different kinds of aristocratic and attractive metal and brass products for the promotion of products. The main products include metal crest, key ring, paper weight, sticker, coat & tie pin, show piece, etc.


Fine Ceramic Works

The company considers fine ceramic works as an effective media of promotion. The company through its talent and expertise creates different designs on fine ceramic which includes show piece, coffee mug, flower vase, tea set, decoration piece etc


Jute & Cotton Products

The major products of its kinds are conference and seminar bag, travel bag, office bag, school bag, kits bag, water jar bag, wall mat, floor mat, door mats, etc.


Printing of Promotional Products

Printing materials are one of the important, easy and cheaper media of advertising. Through its innovative and export thoughts the company has been very much successful to produce different attractive printing materials for the promotion of the products. The company provides attractive design and thoughts produce printing materials for the product promotional requirements. The products include posters, leaflet, lucrative, cartoons, boxes, paper, and hangers etc.


T- Shirts

For the promotion and campaign of the products on the special days T-shirt is very important promotion product. The company provides ideas to produce different T-shirts with company logo and brand as per the need of the products. We generally provide two types of T-shirts such as Polo T-Shirt and jersey T-shirt.


Handicraft Products

Dining table cloth and mate, show piece, flower vase, wall mat, floor mat, door mat, scenery, cane basket, Terracotta  etc. are supplied by us as per requirement.


Food Items

We import mainly dry food from Thailand, India, Middle-East and China. The items include candy, chocobar, juice, soup, noodles, dates, tea bag, chili sauce and local fruits such as mango, lichi, etc.


Imported Promotional Materials

The company import world class promotional items from abroad. The items include  (China, India) to help and support the promotion of the products. The company is able to supply any kind of imported promotional items as per the need of the client.